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a remedy (drug or therapy or preventive) that cures or prevents a disease

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Named after Kaplan's Siberian husky, Bullet, The Magic Bullet Fund has doled out about $650,000 to help pay for canine cancer treatments.
The down side, of course, is that the user's mind is far more complex, individual, and difficult to read than even a magic bullet can fully contend with.
We've always been looking for magic bullets," Kevan Shokat, PhD, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and chair of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at UCSF, said.
Half a year after the election, they're still looking for the magic bullet that will win those "values voters" who purportedly cost them the presidency.
The magic bullet theory, an early idea of the media's influence in society, implies that messages, like bullets, hit every audience member in the same way, with an intended, uniform effect.
We were handed a magic bullet that would reach 100% of a school's population by affecting only 5% of its real property--at roughly the cost of a new roof.
Financially, The Refinery and all its related activities are no magic bullet for St.
I have yet to be convinced that there is truly a magic bullet drug--no work, no pain, no struggle, no "give-ups" and no need for personal health-promoting behavior change--that can deal broadly with the obesity epidemic.
Everybody loves a magic bullet, but in science, magic bullets just don't work" he says.
When Magic Bullet Suite was released a few years ago, it was the first really impressive solution for creating a film look from video footage.
I think these programs are as close as you can come to a magic bullet in development," says Nancy Birdsall of the Center for Global Development, a nonprofit research group in Washington, D.
While education in the arts is no magic bullet for what ails many schools, the arts warrant a place in the curriculum because of their intimate ties to most everything we want for our children and schools," UCLA education professor James Catterall told USA Today.
It is sad to see the left-leaning press once again buy the lone gunman, magic bullet theory of how another of the horrors in our society was committed.
He provides a few thought-provoking paragraphs on the cult of efficiency and the tendency to seek a magic bullet cures or preventives.
Polymer therapeutics are one kind of magic bullet now beginning to realise their potential and the rapidly increasing knowledge of the genetic basis of diseases is giving us more targets to aim for.