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Synonyms for magic

Synonyms for magic

the use of supernatural powers to influence or predict events

an object or power that one uses to cause often evil events

the use of skillful tricks and deceptions to produce entertainingly baffling effects

having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic

Synonyms for magic

References in classic literature ?
You can see for yourself that Dorothy is able to use the magic belt all right," added the Scarecrow.
Evidently the Nome King had made this last attempt to prevent their escaping him; but it did him no good, for when Dorothy saw the danger they were in she stopped and waved her hand and whispered a command to the magic belt.
But Dorothy solved the problem by a word to the magic belt.
And, in a glow of conscious virtue, I stood watching the unloading of the cart, still holding the Magic Watch open in my hand, as I was curious to see what would happen when we again reached the exact time at which I had put back the hand.
Here is my chance," I thought, "for testing the reverse action of the Magic Watch
One sunny morning, when the fresh, cool Winds were blowing, and not a cloud was in the sky, little Annie walked among her flowers, looking carefully into each, hoping thus to find the Fairy, who alone could take the magic blossom from her breast.
The magic flower was ringing its soft warning, but she paid no heed to anything, save her own troubled thoughts; thus she sat, when suddenly a low voice whispered in her ear,--
Long and hard she struggled, and tears often fell; but after each new trial, brighter shone her magic flower, and sweeter grew its breath, while the spirits lost still more their power to tempt her.
So better and happier grew the child, fairer and sweeter grew the flower, till Spring came smiling over the earth, and woke the flowers, set free the streams, and welcomed back the birds; then daily did the happy child sit among her flowers, longing for the gentle Elf to come again, that she might tell her gratitude for all the magic gift had done.
Guard well the magic flower, that I may find all fair and bright when next I come.
I believe we will soon follow her," announced the Wizard, in a tone of great relief; "for I know something about the magic of the fairyland that is called the Land of Oz.
Who is he, anyway, that he dare say Bukawai's magic is not good magic?
Momaya will show you some magic of her own," and with that she seized upon a broken limb and struck Rabba Kega across the head.
Magic alumni claimed two of the 10 spots at the final table of the 2004 World Series of Poker, culled from an original field of 2,576.
Hiring Magic five years ago was a staff initiative and particularly the idea of then nurse manager Mary Shelkey, RN.