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Synonyms for maggoty

spoiled and covered with eggs and larvae of flies


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She also noted that there is expansion taking place in renewable energy, with the Jamaica Public Service recently opening the Hydro-electric plant in Maggoty, St.
It turned out to be the maggoty, rotting carcass of a cow or horse.
Then there's Askik, melting beef into tallow in maggoty conditions, while Kanye feeds his family by cutting-up ships.
Brandon (not incidentally, Irish) inhabits a spacious apartment in midtown Manhattan--the director is as exact about its address, 9 West Thirty-First Street, as he is vague about much else--worlds away from the fetid, maggoty cells of the Maze but no less an arena of corporeal abasement.
Behind the facade of Ivy League blue blazer respectability, maggoty horror pullulates, and that goes double if your dad is top military brass, or if you admire William F.
1 Casu Marzu, Sardinia -A simple Pecorino cheese is left in the sun for flies to lay their eggs inside it so Sardinian foodies can eat a maggoty meal.
They talk of 'saving'' thousands a year by this cutback, but it's our money, not theirs, and if we would prefer, particularly in summer, not to have smelly maggoty receptacles on the premises, they should accept our decision.
In the vein of popular Yukon gold rush poet Robert Service, who is sometimes classed as a cowboy poet himself, Mitchell writes in "Story With a Moral" about discovering, to his horror, that in the water just upstream of the spot where he took a long, thirsty drink from a creek lies the bloated, maggoty body of a cow:
The men jumped back as the seal broke and a huge stream of maggoty water flowed down into the cement courtyard, expanding into a shallow, sulfurous lake.
One reason, maybe, why she tackled every maggoty slimy horror thrown at her with remarkable fortitude.
and so bad was the mess of three-week-old decomposing and maggoty men that no one had the stomach to clean it up .
He cites the case of the Italian artist Piero Manzoni whose "Merda D'Artista" consists of high-priced cans of his own "solid waste," which prestigious American galleries and collectors now covet, especially if they can't spend their millions on one of Damien Hirst's works made from rotting fish and maggoty dead cows.
Then there was wonderfully named Maggoty Lane, now Bucklands End Lane, whilst Buckland End and part of the Heath Way were called Black Mire Lane.
Below the surface of the occupation there's the maggoty corporate interest," he says.