mag tape

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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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Specify the mailing label format you want--4-up Cheshire, mag tape.
I'll stick with my Sony mag tape recorder, thank you very much.
Since then I've typed on everything from IBM Selectrics, punch card, mag tape and mag card typewriters to Wangs, TRS80's, Redactrons, Apples, Macs, Dells, Compaqs, laptops, desktops, and PDA's.
From what Eric Calaluca has previewed about the database, it will surely be a tremendous boon for the information industry, helping to make ancient and medieval Western history, philosophy and literature as close as your nearest CD drive or mag tape reader.
Industry Applications for Alchemy and Pioneer DVD-R -- Replace COM (computer output to microfilm) and mag tape archival systems -- Mainframe report output management (COLD) -- Production-level document imaging systems -- High-volume check imaging systems -- Publishing very large document databases on disc -- Archival component for enterprise document management systems