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Synonyms for peace

Synonyms for peace

Synonyms for peace

the state prevailing during the absence of war

harmonious relations

the general security of public places

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a treaty to cease hostilities

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Summary: Melbourne: Australian and Sri Lankan players officially made peace following a fiery end to their .
The two nations made peace in 1979 and the accord has been a major stabilizing factor in the volatile region.
THE hierarchy of Ireland's Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) yesterday made peace with the British establishment when the Queen set foot on the hallowed turf of its Dublin headquarters.
AFTER a bitter eight-year row, it seems Angelina Jolie has finally made peace with her actor dad Jon Voight.
Speaking of Unilever, European press sources have reported that the global marketer has made peace with the Delhaize grocery chain.
He said, "Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel and they received in return all of their territory.
When police arrived on the scene, both men refused to report the case, claiming they had made peace.
A COUPLE who were caught having sex in a confessional box while mass was being said have repented and made peace with the local bishop.
Boateng has one year left on his Boro deal and has made peace with Gareth Southgate after a training ground spat in January.
The actor is said to have made peace with Sumner Redstone, the CEO of Viacom, after falling out when Redstone made the decision to drop Cruise's production company United Artists Studio from Paramount Pictures.
Later art made peace with the leadership structure of the Roman Empire.
MICK MCCARTHY has made peace with Sunderland boss R OY KEANE after their 2002 World Cup training bust-up.
Hathout also says, ``The (Arab) nations that made peace with Israel will be swept away in the cesspool of history.
Seasoned Rondinone watchers will recall that his fiberglass clowns go barefoot, and that their other characteristics are proneness, an exposed navel (behind which, one should note, is the location of the human body's center of gravity), and a serene expression that suggests Bruce Nauman's circus performers--the undisguised reference--having made peace with the round of meaningless repetitions germane to life itself.
The government of Indonesia and the secessionist rebels of Aceh have made peace now, after decades of fighting, for the sake of rebuilding the province.