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Tambien mostro estabilizacion o mejoria de la agudeza visual y solo efectos secundarios leves como edema palpebral, eritema frontal y madarosis.
The white dots which can sometimes appear under the eyes, known as milia, can be a sign of a problem in your liver or gall bladder, while losing a lot of eyelashes, a condition called madarosis, could indicate a problem with your thyroid gland.
On clinical examination he had madarosis and thickened ulnar, radial and greater auricular nerves.
A whole-body examination revealed shiny papules and nodules over his trunk, bilateral ear lobes, extremities, palms and soles, madarosis, loss of eyelashes on lower eye lids, fissuring over his bilateral foot, nasal depression and atrophic scars over his bilateral legs.
Eyelashes fall out naturally, but madarosis, the medical name for the unnatural loss of lashes, could indicate an undiagnosed thyroid problem.
Las manifestaciones clinicas son diversas, pudiendo encontrarse blefaritis severa, cambios eczematosos en parpados, engrosamiento de parpados, disfuncion de las glandulas de meibomio, madarosis, triquiasis, lagoftalmos, quemosis, hipertrofia papilar, ojo seco secundario, leucomas, pannus, simblefaron (27%), queratocono y catarata (10%); pudiendo dejar graves secuelas que comprometan la vision.
Bilateral infiltration of ears and face with madarosis was present (Fig.