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The white dots which can sometimes appear under the eyes, known as milia, can be a sign of a problem in your liver or gall bladder, while losing a lot of eyelashes, a condition called madarosis, could indicate a problem with your thyroid gland.
The micro-surgical eyelash transplant procedure is only available in the UK, by Transform and marks an important landmark in permanent treatment of Madarosis - the medical term for eyelash loss.
Clinical neurologic investigation one day after the syncopal episode revealed a short stature, madarosis, sore neck muscles, a prominent masseter reflex, reduced patellar tendon reflexes, and absent Achilles tendon reflexes.
Eyelashes fall out naturally, but madarosis, the medical name for the unnatural loss of lashes, could indicate an undiagnosed thyroid problem.
In hypothyroidism, head and body hair can become dry and coarse with scattered partial hair loss, madarosis (or loss of the lateral one-third of the eyebrows), or an increased percentage of telogen hairs, or shedding hairs.