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Synonyms for maculate

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

spot, stain, or pollute

morally blemished


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spotted or blotched

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The body is dark grayish, becoming markedly maculated in the mid body, with paler bands in the second peristomial ring, and in chaetigers four and five.
Western discourse about the East is maculated with these blind spots, the geographical, domestic, or psychological spaces of occlusion and resistance that turn aside lines of inquiry or incursion.
Sir Thomas Browne was definitely laughing at him when he wrote: 'When for our warts, we rub our hands under the moon or commit any maculated part to the touch of the dead, we miscalculate'.
Chate'u Yisrael, as a theological account, explains that in the period of neglect and syncretism the Torah of Moses became blemished and maculated.
The latter, by contrast, which is the form not of the immaculate but of the maculated, can only ever be restored in time - and to that which it is not.