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Synonyms for maculate

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

spot, stain, or pollute

morally blemished


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spotted or blotched

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Hemelytra: medium brown complexly maculate with reddish brown and dark yellow, costal vein flecked with small black dashes, wing membrane dark brown, with prominent reticulate venation, hemelytral apices not reaching posterior margin of abdominal tergite VI; dorsal prothorax and hemelytra bearing scattered short, stout, erect, pale setae.
The governing body of Mary Im maculate have identified a specific body consisting of governors and other parties to assist us in dealing with this proposal.
25) Patricia Parker delineates brilliantly numerous instances of the operation in the play of this binary: (26) in the context of notions of sullying, adulteration, the maculate, and the immaculate, "the postlapsarian decline from 'honesty' figured as the purity of an immaculate or unspotted 'white,' a decline evoked by the post Edenic 'vnweeded' garden of Q2 and F" (133), the contrast "between the 'modesty' and 'whiteness' of Ophelia" (134), the "old Mole .
The maculate provenance of Rousseau's arguments is not, of course, evidence that they are unsound.
the language in which the most universal of systems was excogitated--a system designed to bleach out any reference to personal point of view determined by the contingencies of historical narratives--was itself maculate with the extraordinary history of Spinoza's community.
Revelation, as preserved in that maculate text, needed to be restored by a process that took place over time, in human history.
Far from being immaculate, my Rolls Kinardly was the most maculate vehicle I've ever owned.
The Maculate Muse: Obscene Language in Attic Comedy.
He is the author of The Maculate Muse: Obscene Language in Attic Comedy (Yale 1975; second edition, Oxford 1991), a delightful tome that lists and explicates the obsessively frank language of Old Comedy under headings like "Male Organs-Proper, Euphemistic, Agriculture, Metaphor.
But the comparison is so bizarre and the disproportion and dissimilarity between the evoking and the evoked text so great that it is difficult to regard this allusion as other than a rebarbative feature of a love poem celebrating the beloved as a maculate part of an inland natural world.
The opposite of such structure is motley - the pied, the dappled, the maculate, the gillyflower, the real displaying itself as "fluctuating tatters.
Once at Gregynog, not long after arriving, we walked across a field maculate with snow and lambing blood and amongst the scattered animals came upon a lamb so newly born it had not yet laid eyes on its dam:
From the polluted stream-of-consciousness lyrics to the smeary, maculate textures and wraithlike melodies, Tricky transforms inner chaos and cultural entropy into picturesque soundscapes - like "Strugglin" (Public Enemy minus the dream of a Slack Nation), like "Aftermath" (Miles Davis' "He Loved Him Madly" meets The Specials' "Ghost Town"), like "Abbaon Fat Tracks" (how "There's a Riot Going On" might have sounded, had Sly Stone used a sampler).
Predation in diversified agroecosystems: relations between a Coccinellid predator Coleomegilla maculate and its food.
2006) produced 8-mm wood laminated flooring using veneers of Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus maculate with Pinus taeda in the core, and observed values of Janka hardness between 4,413 N and 9,856 N.