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any treelike cycad of the genus Macrozamia having erect trunks and pinnate leaves and large cones with sometimes edible nuts

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Coning phenology of the cycad Macrozamia riedlei (Zamiaceae) over a five-year interval.
Large seeds, extinct vectors and contemporary ecology: Testing dispersal in a locally distributed cycad, Macrozamia lucida (Cycadalcs).
Macrozamia seeds have long been considered an important economic resource to Australian hunter-gatherers.
Lysiphyllum carronii * * Macadamia tetraphylla * Macrozamia sp.
4] Curcumis melo [121, 261] Luffa acutangula [71] Momordica charantia [71] Trichosanthes kirilowii [175] CYCADALES Cycadaceae Cycas rumphii [211] Zamiaceae Encephalartos altensteinii [211] Macrozamia moorei [211] Zamia furfuracea [211] Z.
Charcoal is also reported as being used in one of three methods of preparing Macrozamia for consumption.
One example used to support this claim is the perceived existence of ceremonial feasting events held in the semi-arid and rugged sandstone gorge systems of central Queensland, attended by large groups of people for extended periods, and underwritten by large quantities of kernels from the cycad Macrozamia moorei (Beaton 1977, 1982; see also Lourandos 1997).
as has been done with the genus Macrozamia in Australia.
although removal of Macrozamia from the analysis restored congruence.
especially in the genera Cycas, Encephalartos, Macrozamia, and Zamia,