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an economist who specializes in macroeconomics

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The macroeconomist offers some advice, too, and which could apply to various interested parties when it comes to the future of Ethiopia's banking industry and what courses of action to take.
Pro-stimulus academic macroeconomists Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov declared that, "properly executed empirical studies support the view that a fiscal expansion will help the U.
Please join Industry Intelligence and FEA macroeconomist Brendan Lowney for a 30- to 40-minute presentation, followed by Q&A session.
com/research/s56zf4/what_macroeconomis) has announced the addition of the "What Macroeconomists Should Know about Health Care Policy" report to their offering.
But modern macroeconomists will also say that all these models strike them as implausible stories that are not to be taken seriously.
Prior to this he was a G10 macroeconomist where he also acted as the country economist for Japan, Australia and Canada at various times.
Eifert had previously served as Head of Research at Wells Fargo/Overland, with prior experience as a macroeconomist at the World Bank in Washington, DC.
Franco Modigliani; peerless twentieth-centuy macroeconomist.
Another macroeconomist who declined to be named said that the fiscal reserve has been accumulated by surpluses aimed at cooling off the once-sizzling economy and now that the boom has subsided, the money should be ploughed back into the private sector.
Waggoner Professor of Economics at Harvard University and an internationally renowned macroeconomist, has compiled, updated, and expanded many of his writings previously published since 1991 for the Wall Street Journal and other business media.
A macroeconomist, Sargent joined NYU as the first W.
He is a theorist, macroeconomist, and development economist whose recent work focuses on analyzing the role and impact of financial systems on developing economies by studying applied general equilibrium models and contract theory.
oIn 2010, the external environment will remain rather grim but it will not deteriorate further,o Zhang Liqun, a macroeconomist at the centre, said in the report.
Jian Zhang, the Bank's principal macroeconomist at the Regional integration and trade division said, The macroeconomic convergence achieves its highest relevance when it is mainstreamed into regional efforts towards development and poverty reduction .