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the branch of economics that studies the overall working of a national economy

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By delightfully going through the definitions of policy and coordination failure, the specifics and extensions of various growth models, and methods of calibration and estimation, he concludes that "more realistic" macroeconomics in relation to policy advice calls for "higher technical requirements" on the profession than "is currently the case.
Muscat, Aug 29 (ONA) The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF), in cooperation with the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) will organize tomorrow Sunday a joint training course on Macroeconomic Management and Financial Sector Issues.
The Governor hoped that journalists would be better equipped to report on macroeconomics, financial sector and banking after this workshop.
I also identify corresponding chapters from Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok's Modern Principles: Macroeconomics (2011).
Since half of this framework - opportunities and threats - arises from the external environment, SWOT analysis draws heavily on macroeconomic data, such as unemployment, GDP or inflation.
Similar to the results for all journals, Health, Education, and Welfare (I), Financial (G), and Industrial Organization (L) have all grown, and International (F), Public (H), and Macroeconomics (E) have all shrunk.
The 'convergence of vision' description of 'modern macro' is in one respect misleading, as in terms of theory and methodology, mainstream macroeconomics has become somewhat fragmented over recent years.
I think some people feel that the Brookings Papers missed something in that two prominent developments in macroeconomics over the period of its existence--the rational expectations revolution and the simple general-equilibrium real business cycle model--did not figure prominently in the Panel's discussions.
Macroeconomics indicators don't matter; we need a strong domestic economy to move forward.
Recent developments in macroeconomics by Caballero and Hammour, Bernanke and Gertler, and others, gave a better understanding of why this view was fallacious.
Brian's capacity to write fortnightly economics articles for the Listener for 27 years is a signal to his commitment to understand the New Zealand economic and social environment, and to publicly communicate on an extremely wide range of issues in both micro and macroeconomics.
The homepage features overviews of the division's 12 focus areas: coordination of macroeconomics and health; environmental health policy; environment and promotion of health; environmental risk assessment; food safety; health action in times of crisis; health in sustainable development; long-term health; occupational health; poverty and ill health; protection of the human environment; and water, sanitation, and health.
It covers such topics as micro- and macroeconomics, game theory, general equilibrium, welfare economics, public economics, industrial organization, development economics, behavioral and experimental economics and mathematical methods for economics.
We see a number of macroeconomics and strategic drivers supporting the growth of investments in the forest industry sector.
Khalsa will test in French, English Literature, Art History, United States Government, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics and twice in Physics - for Mechanics and Electricity.