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the branch of economics that studies the overall working of a national economy

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The statement emphasised the importance of the top-level economic policy analysis that is required in decision-making, and the need for high-quality teaching and research to back this up, particularly in the fields of macroeconomics and finance.
4/ CBO to Organize Training Course on Macroeconomic Management
He and his co-author marshal up-to-date evidence to illustrate the trends in the key variables on which macroeconomics must focus--output and incomes, exports and imports, wage and profit shares, consumer and corporate credit, investment and government spending, interest rates, quantitatative easing, etc.
Along these lines, I have incorporated NPR's Planet Money podcast into my introductory macroeconomics course.
The Julian Hodge Institute of Applied Macroeconomics was established 16 years ago in association with Cardiff Business School.
In this ambitious and thought-provoking book, John King presents a critical overview of the idea that macroeconomics needs some sort of microfoundation.
But the core of macroeconomics "has become so mesmerized with its own internal logic that it has begun to confuse the precision it has achieved about its own world" with accuracy in describing the real one.
It is a defense of macroeconomics, showing that even apprentices of macroeconomics possess tools that enable them to be active and constructive participants in discussions of the current crisis.
Despite the role that macroeconomics play in reducing demand for green building, it appears that green building is here to stay.
The fixtures of the macroeconomics conference circuit all started later: the Carnegie-Rochester series in 1973; the National Bureau of Economic Research's economic fluctuations program and its International Seminar on Macroeconomics and Summer Institute in 1978; the NBER Macroeconomics Annual in 1986 (a self-conscious copy of the Brookings Papers, I can say from firsthand knowledge); and the Minnesota Workshop in Macroeconomic Theory in 1990.
That's why we remain very cautious in terms of our own capacity, and I think macroeconomics suggest that the industry should feel the same way.
President Vicente Fox's government has managed to get a handle on macroeconomics, improving public accounts and the deficit.
I would suggest that there are a dozen lessons monetary economists and central bankers should take away from the Japanese experience with sustained deflation--some confirming the analyses of mainstream macroeconomics at the time, a few surprising to most or all observers.
The homepage features overviews of the division's 12 focus areas: coordination of macroeconomics and health; environmental health policy; environment and promotion of health; environmental risk assessment; food safety; health action in times of crisis; health in sustainable development; long-term health; occupational health; poverty and ill health; protection of the human environment; and water, sanitation, and health.
It covers such topics as micro- and macroeconomics, game theory, general equilibrium, welfare economics, public economics, industrial organization, development economics, behavioral and experimental economics and mathematical methods for economics.