macrocytic anaemia

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anemia in which the average size of erythrocytes is larger than normal

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Macrocytic anaemia was, however, more common among HIV-infected patients, most likely due to the use of azidothymidine.
15) Folate intakes were low but RBC folate levels, at least among young women, were not in a range associated with macrocytic anaemia.
There was a statistically significant difference between males and females in patients with macrocytic anaemia and low B12 values (pless than 0.
Other more common complication\' are Macrocytic anaemia and sub acute combined degeneration of spinal cord.
Macrocytosis with anaemia or macrocytic anaemia may be with a megaloblastic change in the bone marrow or with a non-megaloblastic change in the bone marrow.
Zidovudine (AZT), especially when used as a single agent, is the drug historically most frequently implicated in HIV-related anaemia; a dose-dependent macrocytic anaemia is characteristic.
In a case series of 225 patients undergoing primary THR, 35 were anaemic: 60% were iron deficient, 34% had a normochromic normocytic anaemia and 6% had a macrocytic anaemia.
It also helps prevent macrocytic anaemia, a disease in which blood cells grow larger than normal, and have a shorter lifespan.
This leads to the release of immature RBCs called macrocytes, which function less efficiently and produce macrocytic anaemia.
The hallmark of folate deficiency is macrocytic anaemia with megaloblastic change in the bone marrow.
On admission, the patient had a macrocytic anaemia (MCV 108 fL and Hb 106 g/L), with target cells and toxic changes seen in the blood film.
In the paediatric group, 30% of patients with coeliac disease were found to have IDA (19), whereas in the adult group of coeliac disease, macrocytic anaemia due to folic acid deficiency was found in 30% of patients (18).
Anaemia was noticed in fourteen cases- normocytic normochromic anaemia was seen in six cases, macrocytic anaemia was seen in five cases, dimorphic anaemia was seen in three cases.
Comparison of Peripheral Blood Smear in Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Patients Peripheral Blood Alcoholics Non Smear (n=185) (n=315) Normocytic Normochromic 13(7%) 23(7%) Anaemia Normal 48(26%) 197(63%) Macrocytic Anaemia 48(26%) 32(10%) Microcytic hypochromic Anaemia 28(15%) 37(12%) Dimorphic Anaemia 32(17%) 11(4%) Thrombocytopenia 9(5%) 10(4%)