macrobiotic diet

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a diet consisting chiefly of beans and whole grains

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Clinical dietitian Christina Arquette promotes many aspects of the macrobiotic diet for her patients.
In sum, the macrobiotic diet offers physicians and consumers some insight into the relationship between nutrition and health.
An acquaintance recommended he go see a Japanese healer, who told Schulze that if he went on a super-restrictive macrobiotic diet for a year he would be cancer-free.
She worked out obsessively for two hours a day, lived on a macrobiotic diet and wouldn't allow sugar or chocolate in the house.
Fans of Shonali's macrobiotic diet include Katrina Kaif and Neha Dhupia.
But by the time we realised a Californian macrobiotic diet might have been more mood enhancing it was far too late.
It means that Lourdes - daughter of former fitness trainer Carlos Leon - and Rocco are following in the footsteps of their mother, who sticks rigidly to a macrobiotic diet.
Our source adds: "Madonna is strict with her mainly macrobiotic diet but A-Rod's an athlete and she's happy to take tips from him.
The newly married couple are also teetotal and follow a strict macrobiotic diet - consisting of nuts, fruit and vegetables, but no meat or dairy products.
She doesn't eat meat, dairy products or processed foods on her strict macrobiotic diet.
It looks like all that yoga and healthy macrobiotic diet is doing Chris the world of good.
Gwyneth's macrobiotic diet, which is also followed by her friend Madonna, forbids her from eating sugar, chemicals and dairy products.
She also follows a strict macrobiotic diet of veg soup, juice, tofu and pulses.
The couple hit the headlines for holding shooting parties on their estate, but Madonna, who admits she won't eat English food and sticks to her macrobiotic diet, says she loves to go out shooting pheasants.