mackerel sky

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a sky filled with rows of cirrocumulus or small altocumulus clouds

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Set to Poulenc's Piano Concerto, Ciel Pommel translates as Mackerel Sky, a mixed weather condition of fleecy clouds on a warm, sunny atmosphere.
I look up to the mackerel sky in lavender and fuchsia; at the base of Eagle Rock, I pause on a bench inscribed, REST FOR THE SOUL.
A mackerel sky is a sky that has that "quilted" look of regularly spaced mounds--or fish scales.
Immersing yourself in Mackerel Sky, the second novel by Natalee Caple, you feel the way Guy--one of the main characters--must when he steps (or re-steps, in his case) into the scene: that you have come to a place that should be familiar, but find that it's utterly foreign.
I can be as jubilant indoors, listening to Schubert or Scott Joplin, as when sauntering underneath a mackerel sky on a day striped yellow, red, and green.