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exaggerated masculinity

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Rejecting machismo is a rejection of patriarchy and its limited construction of women's voice and authority.
Some of these inventions are obvious: original sin and machismo.
Keywords: scientists, women scientists, machismo, marianismo, discourse analysis, Latin America, Mexico.
The crucifixion,he says,``is a triumph of humility not machismo,'' and the Easter hope is that in the face of terror and evil man does not have to get caught up in the race to become super-human.
Davidson relates the fortunes of a country peasant woman fleeing the machismo and desperation of her hometown in search of a better life in Nogales; of an environmental activist fighting the maquiladora pollution that infects him with of a rare and deadly form of cancer; of a Mexican man who dies at the hands of an INS agent in an episode that precipitated changes in the Border Patrol operations; of the youth gangs who live underground in a labyrinth of tunnels built to handle water runoff during floods; and of two maquiladora managers who created a program to improve workers' lives and encourage them to own their own homes.
When she walked out of his smart London flat she went straight to the newspapers where she energetically and comprehensively rubbished his machismo.
There's no mistaking the national sensibility that produced the self-deprecating Hurtubise and his quest for self-validation, and with the pick-up trucks, Peter Gzowski, the Rocky mountains, donut shops, and plenty of machismo, Project Grizzly serves up unconcealed notice of its Canadian pedigree.
Koertge worries that propounding such machismo interpretations of science may lead women to associate any problems they have in understanding physics, for instance, with the philosophy of a textbook writer or theorist.
Stronger, though, is a good-natured machismo that is fairly infectious.
Among the critical assessments offered about the state o museums today is one from Mark Suggitt, Assistant Director for Curatorial Affairs of the Yorkshire and Humberside Museums Council: "Museums were too object centred, too keen to build up big collections as a form of museological machismo, while lacking the staff and the will to document them properly.
He devilishly pointed out that traditional female chores, like cooking or home design, were inevitably performed on the world-class level (as opposed to the stay-at-home mom level) by the machismo gender.
Machismo and charisma - out, humility and team building - in
The anecdote, by a former bodyguard, gives the late John Paul a bit of John Wayne-esque machismo.
Men don't do that, least of all men's men, and what else does a football coach do each week but convince a 53-man group of over- testosteronated machismo that he's man enough to lead them?
It's the machismo culture that we suffer under most, furthered by the old "blood ties" of tribalism.