machine screw

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a screw used either with a nut or with a tapped hole

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Place two washers onto a machine screw, and push it through bole number 2.
032 brass and is available with a combination drive, nickel-plated binding head machine screw.
When support does MWO 9-1010-221-30-4 to convert M203/M203A1 grenade launches to M203A2a, they need to order the machine screw in Table 3 with NSN 5305-00-417-5264.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Machine Screw, Slotted Round Head Full Threaded With Nut As Per Is-1364, Spring Washer Is-3063 And Plain Washer Is -2016/1967, Screw Size : 1 M 3 X 15 Mm 2 M4 X 3.
5 Drive the included machine screw into the toggle, letting it protrude about 3/16 in.
Screw the machine screw through from the other side to create the pivot point.
Join the featherboard to the strip with the machine screw, washers and wing nut, and place on the saw with the strip in the miter slot.
Tenders are invited for Machine Screw Chease Head Galvanised Size M 6 X12 Mm .
Machine Screw Chease Headed With Zink Plated Size: M4 X 30Mm Long As Per Is: 1363 Qty : 6000Nos.
Machine Screw Chease Headed With Zink Plated Size: M 5 X 40 Mm With Single Nut As Per Is: 1367 And 02 Nos.
For example, stainless steel machine screws and self-tapping/thread-forming screws often need special care in selection.
With a reputation as a forthright leader who could take niche technologies and make them popular with the general public, he led the company in to a successful leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality self tapping screws, wood screws, machine screws, bolts & nails in different sizes, which is used in almost every industry.
The Max-Recip Impact screws are for replacements/upgrades as well as new machine screws.
Inventories thread rolling screws, thread cutting screws, machine screws, self tapping screws, nuts, bolts and washers.
Still others, such as machine screws, have undersized shanks equal to the pitch diameter of the thread.