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a water-cooled machine gun that was to become the superb Model 1917 and a machine rifle, later to be known by the troops as simply the "BAR" (Browning Automatic Rifle), Model 1918.
The first live-fire demonstration of both the water-cooled machine gun and the machine rifle occurred on 27 February 1917 at a site called Congress Heights, just outside the city limits of Washington, D.
The French immediately requested 15,000 BARs to replace the awful Chauchat Machine Rifle.
Because of the concept around which the French Chauchat Machine Rifle was developed: trench warfare in which a light, automatic weapon was deployed by means of "walking fire" with firing from the hip; and the U.
Their first specimen was made on 11 June 1918 and by 11 November 1918 they were turning out 200 machine rifles a day.
Interestingly, the Germans in World War II revived the Lewis gun's unique bolt and gas piston/camming device as the heart of Rheinmetall's FG 42 paratroop machine rifle.
After unsuccessful testing in 1911 and 1912, the CS (Chauchat Sutter) C7 Machine Rifle was deemed partially successful during new tests conducted in 1913.
I own a live, transferrable M1915 CSRG Machine Rifle.
Tests were conducted in September 1913 with the Lewis gun in competition with the Model 1909 Benet-Mercie automatic machine rifle (or Light Machine Gun) and the Vickers water-cooled machine gun.
Yet, after all is said and done, USMC veterans of the World-War-II-era and Korean War have enshrined, idolized, and iconized this rather mediocre machine rifle at a level comparable to a shrine of the Holy Virgin Mary.
Joseph Jofifre, insisted that 50,000 Chauchat-Sutter machine rifles must be manufactured, with deliveries to the front lines commencing in November of that year.
This concept, rarely used to operate firearms, is the key to understanding what became known as the Chauchat Machine Rifle.
The Benet-Mercie Model 1909 Machine Rifle was a dreadful design with low reliability.
30-'06 version of the Chauchat Machine Rifle has a vertically ribbed body.
In the case of the Chauchat Machine Rifle, the gunner fired from the hip assault position with the weapon supported by a sling, while the two-man team's loader (Pourvoyeur) walked alongside, changing magazines, to "supposedly" maintain a steady series of burst fire.