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  • verb

Synonyms for machinate

to work out a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for machinate

arrange by systematic planning and united effort

engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

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I am saying it calculates itself: such a ruse cannot be machinated in the brain of an author, quite simply, except if he is situated like a spider who is somewhat lost in a corner of its web, off to the side.
While not denying membership in Al Qaeda, Moussaoui has maintained all along that Ramzi Binalshibh, who machinated the attacks from Germany, can clear him.
Do the machinated shenanigans of Pop Idols, Blue, Starsailor, Slipknot, So Solid Crew and the other manufactured chart worriers really move you?
In 1302 Boniface VIII had machinated to send Charles of Valois into Florence on the pretense of making peace between the Black and White factions of the Guelph party; instead Charles connived with the Blacks, while they plundered the property of the Whites and drove them into exile.
In its program for representation, Bacon's Rebellion reveals the main characteristics of all subsequent populism (a question to which we will return): the conjunction of democratic pretensions (a rhetorical struggle against the rich) with an opportunistically machinated chauvinist campaign against a nonwhite group (the Algonquin, in Bacon's case).
He's already turned away speculative interest from arch-rival Sage - two years ago the Newcastle company machinated away behind the scenes without ever tabling a formal bid, butwas believed to have been considering an offer based on 475p a share.