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Synonyms for machine

Synonyms for machine

any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks

an intricate organization that accomplishes its goals efficiently

a device for overcoming resistance at one point by applying force at some other point

a group that controls the activities of a political party

a motor vehicle with four wheels

turn, shape, mold, or otherwise finish by machinery

make by machinery

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A STEP AP203/214 based machinable volume identifier for identifying the finish-cut machinable volumes from rough-machined parts.
In this work STEP AP203/214 is chosen as the AP224 format dealing with process planning data provides only the description of features and not about the geometrical and topological relations which is required for the complete recognition of features and their finish cut machinable volumes.
These fabrics are fully machinable using standard textile processes.
Ketton stone, a machinable oolitic limestone, was sampled and tested by Buro Happold for creep and strength characteristics and to decide on an appropriate mortar.
The researchers then looked for other, nontoxic elements that could also collect at these grain boundaries and produce a machinable steel.
The technology has superior compressive strength, making it suitable for weight bearing and non-weight bearing bones, and it is both machinable and drillable.
materials to be machined include wood, wood-based sheet materials such as plywood and mdf, wood composites, plastics and various machinable model building materials such as cibatool or sikablock.
Callis developed machinable composite molds with good surfaces for use in molding composites.
Other topics include reverse engineering of motorcycle chain, fabrication of silicon nanopillar sheet for cell cultures dishes, the etching rate of machinable glass ceramic, and the development of vibration suppression devices from smart fluids.
Additional machinable distribution blanks are available as well for designing custom workholding systems.
The product possesses high compressive strength and is readily machinable.
The vises have many other advanced features to help speed production--all jaws are fully machinable and reversible, providing more flexibility for each jaw set; steel rails are hardened and ground for accuracy and repeatability; a flow-through base lets chips and fluids escape; and a fully sealed lead screw assembly reduces maintenance.
Features high physical strength properties, readily machinable, superior dimensional stability and very low shrinkage upon cure, the tensile strength is 8,700 PSI and tensile modulus is 387,000 PSI.