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a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation


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Mackie referred to having been in the armed forces and having seen unpleasant sights in the Falklands, adding that he had a machete in his rucksack, which he opened.
The ystanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office appealed the decision, after which the ystanbul 1st High Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for the confessed machete attacker on July 11.
When they said no, Childs produced a machete and pointed it at one of them and told one of them give us what you have got.
He looked towards Mr Fionda and saw he was standing over him holding a very large machete.
At least eight people were taken to the hospital with machete wounds, three in critical condition.
It's interesting how Latinos have always been part of hip-hop since the beginning,'' says Toy of the Latin Grammy-nominated group Control Machete.
25am on Saturday morning to discover a 32-year-old man had been attacked with a machete leaving him with injuries to his shoulder.
Kevin Saunderson was told he must serve a minimum of 28 years before he can be considered for parole after he attacked Dariusz Ryba, 40, with a twofoot long machete.
com)-- Not Another Bad Horror Flick" is written and directed by Bridget Machete and is inspired by iconic “bad horror" films from the 70s and 80s.
Would-be robber had a machete A MAN who brandished a machete when he tried to rob another man in Birmingham city centre has been jailed for two years and eight months.
A MACHETE attack victim has been accused of being part of an armed "gang" which tried to dominate an area of Middlesbrough.
She's the world's biggest, most controversial female pop star and now Lady Gaga is adding another string to her artistic bow with her acting debut in Robert Rodriguez's new action movie Machete Kills, out today.
Crazed Mexican revolutionary Marcos Mendoza (Demian Bichir) plans to fire a nuclear missile at Washington, and Machete is tasked with stopping him, placed under the care of a handler (Amber Heard) hiding in plain sight as Miss San Antonio.
A MINE worker took a machete into work and told stunned colleagues it was "a Christmas gift for someone".
Name of Product: Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete with stitched sheaths