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chewy cookie usually containing almond paste

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Rosie founded Miss Macaroon as a social enterprise in 2011 to provide training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged young people.
Here it is, Mr President: a joint venture called Macron's Macaroons - tasty coconutbased snacks which are branded with your face to win over the French people to this excellent British delicacy.
Food stalls include hog roasts, cup cakes, waffles, fudges and macaroons - while there is also a gin stand and plenty of Christmas gift ideas, too.
Made up of an outer shell of French almond chocolate macaroons and filled with chocolate ganache, these PS4 giant macaroons can be made even more delicious by heating through to create a warm, gooey centre.
Decadent sweets like cupcakes, turtles, and especially the Turkish macaroons will please any sweet tooth.
I instantly fell for the French macaroons found in pistachio, vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, and other fusion flavours.
At the occasion of the Sirha trade fair, Barry Callebaut1 s IBC brand, specialized in colour and printing technology for food applications, presented the first colouring revolution for macaroons, in accordance with European legislation on food additives (EC)
Get yourself along to Tesco and you can get a Buchanan's macaroon bar completely FREE.
Another social enterprise which has signed up to take part is Miss Macaroon C.
DELEGATES TO THE India Today Conclave 2014 started Day Two with a sweet surprise from the man who rewrote the flavour DNA of the macaroon and turned it into a global sensation.
They sometimes are called macaroons, although Sue says a macaroon generally contains coconut.
During the launch of the new advocacy at Teatrino Music Hall in San Juan City, Red Ribbon general manager Zinnia Rivera said part of their macaroon sales would go to Apl.
According to the company, with the new PNY Macaroon Power Bank C51 users can increase their mobile phone's battery life by up to three times without having to charge from your mobile's charger.
Well, sweets are a kind of cuisine so of course the most important thing is taste, however, for the fashion show, well, for example it's not about cooking the macaroon for the best flavour but rather making it beautiful, even perhaps cooking it to be a bit harder than usual, the intent is to create something that will inspire and look beautiful," Yoroizuka said.
But this has not stopped him from looking at ways to develop the hotel's macaroon offerings further.