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Synonyms for ma'am

a woman of refinement

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The day afore yesterday, a man--you have been a married woman, ma'am, and I may mention it to you--a man, with hardly a rag upon his back (here Mrs.
You mistake my purpose, I see, ma'am,' replied Mr Nickleby, in his usual blunt fashion.
He engaged me, ma'am, with a written character -- "
If he should wish her to remain here a day or two longer, of course she can, ma'am.
Pooh, ma'am," said I in desperation, but I did not take her hand.
Nay, ma'am," answered she, "to be sure, I would sooner cut out my tongue than offend your ladyship.
Why, yes, ma'am,' said Pancks, 'rather so lately; I have lately been round this way a good deal, owing to one thing and another.
Chillip, 'we are- we are progressing slowly, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am, I just see him leaning back in it, but he did not look up;--he never was a gentleman much for talking.
Well, ma'am, since you know so much, you probably know also that I have sold my pension.
Yes, ma'am," sighed Nancy, picking up the half-dried pitcher--now so cold it must be rinsed again.
Mr Abel's feelings did credit to his nature, and credit to your nature, ma'am, and his father's nature, and human nature.
This lady, ma'am," he answered, "turned out to be Mr.
There is the connubial blindness, ma'am, which perhaps you may have observed in the course of your own experience, and which is a kind of wilful and self-bandaging blindness.
I am almost ready to sink, ma'am, beneath the confusion of addressing a lady in my nightcap (here the lady hastily snatched off hers), but I can't get it off, ma'am (here Mr.