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a neurotropic non-arbovirus of the family Rhabdoviridae that causes rabies

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Susceptibility of sheep to European bat lyssavirus type-1 and -2 infection: A clinical pathogenesis study.
Dentro del genero Lyssavirus, se incluyen 14 genotipos que son: Aravan virus, Australian bat lyssavirus, Bokeloh bat lyssavirus, Duvenhage virus, European bat lyssavirus, Ikoma lyssavirus, Irkut virus, Khujand virus, Lagos bat virus, Mokola virus, Rabies virus, Shimonibat virus, West Caucasian bat virus (4).
She said that the lyssavirus infection results in illness similar to when contracting rabies.
This lateral flow test uses gold conjugated detector antibodies, including a monoclonal antibody directed against the lyssavirus nucleoprotein.
The author bases scientific writings on biological research, which she incorporates in such terms as Lyssavirus and Ampulex compressa.
Rabies is a zoonosis caused by rabies virus, a Lyssavirus whose main reservoirs are wild and domestic canids (dogs, wolves, foxes, etc.
Os ataques de caes podem provocar lesoes lacerativas, alem de serem porta de entrada para patogenos, como o Clostridium tetani, (o agente causador do tetano) e o agente etiologico da raiva, virus RNA, pertencente a familia Rhabdoviridae, genero Lyssavirus.
Rabies is in the family of RNA viruses (Rhabdoviridae) and the genus, Lyssavirus.
A proteina N dos Lyssavirus e uma proteina fosforilada de 450 ou 451 longos aminoacidos, que e sintetizada em grandes quantidades durante a infeccao celular.
He had been bitten by a bat with European bat lyssavirus.
Other contributions report findings on eastern equine encephalitis virus genomes, the lyssavirus genome, correlations of phylogenetic relation among members of the genus Flavivirus, and the construction of an infectious molecular clone of HTLV-1.
Keywords: Lyssavirus, Rabies virus, Rabies, Vaccination, Zoonoses
Como ejemplo de este tipo, se pueden nombrar infecciones por Lyssavirus, borreliosis, virus West Nile, leptospirosis y virus Nipah (Bengis, 2004).