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any substance (such as an antibody) or agent that can cause lysis

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The assets purchased include intellectual property for multiple lysins and for the rapid development of lysin solutions.
10), (14) They recently solved the X-ray crystal structure of PlyC, the most powerful lysin known, providing clues to its superior potency.
NK lysin is produced by host lymphocytes that are activated by parasites during coccidiosis infection in the gut.
More recently, PlyG lysin, purified from phage-[gamma] (specific to B.
Lysins are already one of the most ubiquitous and successful antimicrobial agents on Earth.
This is a very clever exploitation" of lysin, says biowarfare researcher Stephen Morse of Columbia University.
Transition from conventional monotherapy to a combinatorial approach using multi-therapy antibody and Lysin treatments
Tenders are invited for Supply of Syrup antihistamine-60ml make: zuventus/centure/novartis, Vit B Complex Syp With Lysin (60ML) Make : Geno/Merk (), Tab Cefuroxine Axetil -500MG Make: Gsk/Mecleods(Acupher)/Apex/Ipca (), Syp Colimex/Syp Cyclopam-30ml Make : Wallace/Indoco (), Cough Syrup (CHLORPHENERMINE +DEXTROMETHOPHAN-60ML) Make :, Gsk/Mankind (MAGNET)/APEX (), Candid Ear Drop Make : Glenmark (MAJESTA) ().
On linkage groups INT_LG_2, -5, and -8, there are markers that could be targets for reproduction studies, because these markers showed significant association with fertilization protein and sperm lysin precursor genes.
The success of the new treatment, which uses a phage enzyme called lysin to kill S.
Palo Alto, CA) has patented incapacitated whole cell bacterial immunogenic compositions produced by infecting a bacterium with Lys minus bacteriophage, which are deficient in the lysin protein.
They've purified the protein, known as lysin, from the debris of phage-infected Streptococcus pyogenes and have shown that the enzyme alone can destroy bacteria in laboratory dishes.
Rapid evolution of fertilization selectivity and lysin cDNA sequences in teguline gastropods.
Apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids in protein feedstuffs and diet formulation based on total vs digestible lysin for poultry.