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any substance (such as an antibody) or agent that can cause lysis

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The VERL-lysin complex structures also suggest how lysin opens a hole into the egg coat, allowing sperm to penetrate into the egg.
This patent, named 'Streptococcus bacteriophage lysins for detection and treatment of gram positive bacteria,' includes composition claims for the CF-301 sequence and variants having at least 80% identity.
Expression of M6 and M7 lysin in Mytilus edulis is not restricted to sperm, but occurs also in oocytes and somatic tissue of males and females.
Two of the best-characterized gamete recognition systems studied thus far are the sperm-egg binding proteins, bindin and EBR1 (the egg bindin receptor protein-1) in sea urchins, and the lysin and VERL (the egg vitelline envelope receptor for lysin) proteins in abalone and other gastropods (see reviews by Kresge et al.
There are no known reports of lysin resistance, but "it could happen," says Seal.
Lillehoj and her colleagues have identified and applied for a patent for one of the immune molecules, called "NK lysin.
have signed a contract to support the process development and cGMP manufacture of CF-301, ContraFect's Staphylococcal-specific bacteriophage lysin.
Among the components found in the plasma of planorbids are lectin, lysin, agglutinin and substances similar to lymphocin, hydrogen peroxide, as well as other microbian factors (Lie et al.
I separated the water, the fats, the oils, the gums, the resins, sugars, starches, pectoses, pentoses, pentosans, legumen, lysin, the amino and amido acids.
More recent research indicates that a phage bacterial lysin (PlyG, from phage-[gamma]) can lyse vegetative B.
A few drops of the enzyme, called lysin, can promptly destroy a test tube worth of anthrax.
The PlyG lysin has treatment value, too, the investigators said.
The enzyme, called lysin, prevented the death of most mice that the researchers had infected with a bacterial relative of B.
The enriched samples were plated in different selective media, namely bismuth sulphate agar (Difco), brilliant green agar (Difco), xylose lysin deoxycholate agar (Difco), Salmonella-Shigella agar (Difco), and Hekton enterica agar (Difco).
Balanceforsog med forskellige forhold mellem treonin og lysin.