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the property of being suitable for singing

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He approaches lyric not from the rhetorical perspective of narrative progression, as Phelan does, but rather from the perspective of plot and eventfulness; nevertheless, his sense of lyricality seems generally compatible with Phelan's.
Adapting his well-known definition of narrative, Phelan defines lyricality as someone telling someone (including him- or herself) on some occasion about their thoughts and mediations on something such as a situation, an emotion, a perception, attitude or belief.
The repeated tableaux of bodies being dropped into passing trains--perhaps Mackendrick's central, most memorable image--combine the iconic slapstick humor of legs and feet sticking up in the air with a kind of lyricality, a sense of mournful beauty and loss as the bodies waft into the rumbling coal cars below.
It seems that one of the major shifts has been away from the political, away from a moralistic or moralizing trend, and a turn towards language, towards lyricality, a turn towards something else.
I agree with Phelan's definition of lyricality as an opposing mode that "is neutral on the issue of change for the speaker--it may or may not occur--and invested less in character and event than in thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and specific situations .
No less complicated is the application of the term "lyric" to a prose passage; avoiding the slipperiness of the references to lyricality that sometimes finesse that problem, I chose many though by no means all of my examples from poetry.