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Synonyms for lyrical

suitable for or suggestive of singing

expressing deep emotion


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Wordsworth published a second volume of lyrical ballads, and then went on writing and working steadily at his long poem The Prelude, in which he told the story of his early life.
Contract notice: provision of fire safety and security for the lyrical gaiety
David Der-wei Wang's Lyrical Theory and The Lyrical in Epic Time
Judges Connection Award, Platinum, Second Overall High Score for the Junior Duet Division Lyrical by Annalie Salski and Addison Salski
Here she disclosed the lyrical quality of her voice in the opening lines, with the flutist essaying the coloratura passages, and the pianist providing solid rapport.
Wax Lyrical finished third overall in PHS and second in Division 2 of the 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart.
For anyone who ever wondered what Spode Woodland or Portmeirion Botanic Garden would smell like if it had a scent, the question is answered with Portmeirion Group's new home fragrance collection from Wax Lyrical.
Ten-year-old Eva-Rose McGall, who wowed judges at the Scottish World Lyrical Dance Championships, landed a summer place in London as part of her prize.
In this book, author Dana Amir presents readers with an in-depth investigation of the lyrical dimension of the psychic space.
This is the first monograph devoted to Achim von Arnim's lyrical work since Thomas Sternberg's Die Lyrik Achim von Arnims was published in 1983.
Gillie Kleiman, Sara Lindstrom and guest performer Eleanor Sikorski have all the answers in A Lyrical Dance Concert at Newcastle's Northern Stage on February 24 and 25.
Piano Solos in Lyrical Style by Carolyn Miller features charming character pieces in a romantic manner.
Adrianna Loulourgas, 13, daughter of Dimitri Loulourgas and Delia Terra of Shrewsbury, performed a lyrical routine, scoring a High Gold award, and was the title winner in the lyrical category as well as placing ninth overall in the 11-to-14-year-old solo division.
A statement for the Ministry of Culture quoted the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Fawzi Al-atershi as saying : "We have started the work for making lyrical and musical albums for senior Iraqi artists , singers and senior composers we did not exclude anyone, bringing the total to (52) produced albums kept now at the Department of Musical Arts .
Research by Cardiff Metropolitan University has found that listening to lyrical music does not boost semantic processing, which was tested in the form of reading comprehension.