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Australian bird that resembles a pheasant

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Jim Davidson, Lyrebird Rising: Louise Hanson-Dyer of Oiseau-Lyre, 1884-1962, Miegunyah Press Series, 14 (Portland, OR: Aniadeus Press, 1994), 40.
We needed an illustrator who could imagine the significance of Edith's relationship with lyrebird James.
One of nature's great mimics, a male lyrebird, is what we hear but it tells us the sounds of human encroachment are not far away.
Section III is titled "The Lyrebird and the Bride-City," and is based on Messiaen's encounter with the lyrebird in Sherbrook Forest near Melbourne and in Tidbinbilla, near Canberra.
The Albert's lyrebird of Australia is one of the most impressive of all birds, with long curved plumes like the ancient Greek lyre and a powerful song to match.
Gullies fill with liquid song/Of lyrebird and chillawong.
From the common wren and robin red breast to the exotic kiwi and lyrebird, the Fishers (who live in France) share their enthusiasm for birds.
We'd trek through giant ferns to find lyrebird bowers and wombat burrows.
Also, there is the story of a lyrebird that heard the song of African birds, was released back into the Australian wilderness; years later, other lyrebirds were singing the tune of the African birds, which seems to make a case for his theory.
Unlike his more common cousin, the superb lyrebird, who performs on one-meter-round open mounds he takes several weeks to construct, the Albert's lyrebird finds his stages ready-made, like Marcel Duchamp.
Rothenberg's own experience has included playing the clarinet with the white-crested laughing thrush in Pittsburgh and jamming with the Albert's lyrebird in Australia, and a CD of his improvisations was released simultaneously with the book.
Ashton DH, Bassett OD (1997) The effects of foraging by the superb lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae) in Eucalyptus regnans forests at Beenak, Victoria.
So take a listen to an ivory-billed woodpecker, common loon, marbled wood quail, satin bowerbird, red-ruffed fruitcrow, superb lyrebird, Australian magpie, common nighthawk, common raven, or canyon wren.
The conversation is based on pastoral dialogue, and it should be said as part of the context that Cupcake is a figure close to Hollander himself, his projects avatars of Hollander's other books of poems; Lyrebird notionally maintains his cover, even twenty-six years later, but is clearly Hollander's friend Harold Bloom, to whom Hollander says he sent all the Lyrebird transmissions as he wrote them; Velvet and Hiccup are supposedly notional.
Sold out of training 54,000gns at 1980 Tattersalls December Sales, to stud at 4 and dam of: Mavitta Dee (1982 c by Double Form) unplaced; Kombus (1983 c by Known Fact; minor stakes winner in US); Sagamore (1986 c by Simply Great; Gr2-placed Listed winner); Lyrebird (1987 f by Storm Bird; unraced); Mujadil (1988 c by Storm Bird; Gr3 winner); Mutabahi (1989 c by Woodman; winner); Fadaki Hawaki (1990 f by Vice Regent; unplaced); Shadeed Vallee (1991 f by Shadeed; unraced); Doe (1994 f by Hansel; unraced), Fruits Of Love (1995 c by Hansel; triple Gr2 winner); Thaisy (1997 f by Tabasco Cat; unraced); Algaira (1998 f by Irish River; unraced).