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(of a leaf shape) having curvature suggestive of a lyre

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Leaves alternate to rarely opposite, rosulate, clustered at the branch apices to clustered in the axils of the old leaves; petiolate, sessile to sheathing at the base; blades entire, lyrate, pinnatisect to pinnately compound, unarmed to spiny, pinnately, palmately to three-veined, rarely parallel-veined, glabrous to pubescent.
Leaves glabrous to subglabrous above, tomentose beneath; basal leaves rosulate to sub-rosulate; petiolate to pseudopetiolate; blades elliptic, ovate, obovate, to deltoid, margin entire to lyrate, pinnately to palmately veined; upper leaves similar to the basal ones but few and reduced.
Leaves rosulate; sessile to pseudopetiolate; blades entire to lyrate, lanceolate, elliptical, obovate to spathulate, pinnately veined, margin entire to runcinate, glabrous to glabrescent above, densely pubescent beneath.
Leaves rosulate; pseudopetiolate, blades lanceolate, elliptical to obovate, pinnately veined, margin denticulate to lyrate, glabrous to pubescent.
Leaves glabrous to pubescent; basal leaves rosulate; petiolate, sessile to clasping; blades linear, lanceolate, ovate to orbicular, palmately to pinnately veined, margin entire, lyrate to pinnatisect; upper leaves alternate, reduced; clasping.