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used of tissue or blood or serum or other biological substances

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Lyophilized CVD 103-HgR is the only cholera vaccine licensed for use in the United States.
The characterization of the lyophilized 'mangaba' pulp powder with 30% of maltodextrin is shown in Table 2.
5) For lyophilized products, one important aspect during extensive pre-formulation and formulation studies is to understand how the formulation, and every component in it, reacts to the freeze-drying cycle and their impacts on the CQAs.
This serum was processed only to a limited extent (not dialyzed), lyophilized, and stored frozen.
Four vaccine types against ND (2 in liquid and 2 in lyophilized form) were unearthed from the dump.
The water blooms were dominated by Microcystis aeruginosa (determined by microscopic examination) and the algae cells were lyophilized for toxins extraction.
Harvard Scientific Corporation (Reno, NV; 714-252-1942) announced that on Thursday, August 14, 1997, the United States Patent and Trademark Office notified the company's patent counsel, that it has allowed all claims of its patent application entitled PGE-1 Lyophilized Liposomes for use in the treatment of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION for issuance.
Altogether, the site will be able to produce up to 24 million lyophilized units annually.
50 mm ready-to-use lyophilized culture media for detecting total aerobic counts - op.
The MenA lyophilized (freeze-dried) component must be reconstituted with the MenCYW-135 liquid component (Figure).
Formulations generated with the AtuPLEX technology can be lyophilized (freeze dried) improving stability, shipping and handling.
Under the terms of the settlement agreement with sanofi-aventis, APP Pharmaceuticals and Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited may market liquid and lyophilized Oxaliplatin products through at least 30 June 2010 and resume marketing the products on 9 August 2012.