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Back in the time of earliest memory, there was this stern, lynx-eyed man who headed our family and while he certainly gave us more hugs than we merited, his cold stare and sharp rebuke (and yes, the occasional tight rap) made us very wary of what was to come at the end of the day.
The DVD includes the Cello Concerto with soloist Mischa Maisky, and the lynx-eyed will spot principal oboeist Libena Sequardtona, who came to Liverpool to play a Concerto with the RPLO, while our own Jonathan Small did the reverse exchange visit to her orchestra in Prague.
The beautiful, lynx-eyed Shibasaki makes an OK heroine, without ever being called on to really act.
His notes are convincing and provide enough information for any lynx-eyed antiquarian bookseller (most of whom believe that bibliographies are created for them) to identify what will become an "unicum.
And she has a right to expect that if some lynx-eyed mother in Israel discovers a button missing from the ministerial vest on Sunday, she will not be condemned too hastily, but that due allowance will be made for the teething baby or the croupy Junior.
A lynx-eyed player who spots defensive tremors from 60 yards.
Gradually the chaperon is reappearing, though not often do we find her the formidable, lynx-eyed dragoness of former days, who kept her young charge strictly to her side between dances - the modern maid's independent temperament would not submit to that - and the chaperon of to-day is often as keen upon dancing and having a good time as are the younger folks.
People with exceptional eyesight were said to have the eyes of a lynx, and because the stars of the celestial Lynx are so inconspicuous, Hevelius said that only the lynx-eyed could see it.