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Synonyms for lynchpin

Synonyms for lynchpin

a central cohesive source of support and stability

pin inserted through an axletree to hold a wheel on


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The Ministry of Defence said: "Cpl Stanley was an enormously popular soldier and a lynchpin of his Company's community with a ready laugh and positive attitude.
Brigadier (r) Farooq Maan, who was the lynchpin of this mega fraud of Rs 15 billion, is still at large," he said.
NEW LOOK: Martin Lowe, who runs Peach Developments, outside the Woodside Hotel, which is a lynchpin for the new development
But the scheme's lynchpin is a new public attraction -- the Dynamic Earth exhibition, housed in the festive William Younger Centre by Michael Hopkins & Partners, and built on an old brewery site to the south of Holyrood Road.
To explain the science behind the inventions, Parker starts with the lynchpin to these discoveries--quantum mechanics.
In particular, I look forward to addressing the convergence of IT and physical security identities as we see this as the lynchpin for securing enterprises in the future, as well as the single largest opportunity on the security horizon.
Across all industries, email is the lynchpin for communications," said Maurene Caplan Grey, founder and principal analyst at Grey Consulting.
Due to their large passenger capacity, the articulated buses are the lynchpin of many of the world's major modern transport systems, the BRT systems.
Among the topics discussed will be the financial industry's needs in streamlining compliance environments and information management, administering email compliance and the lynchpin of the document life cycle.
The intended sale of SSCC's Consumer Packaging business is necessary to finance the cost and a lynchpin to the soundness of the plan.
As the lynchpin of this congestion free network, high capacity systems provide the density, resiliency and scalability required to anchor a high performance infrastructure.