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Synonyms for system





Synonyms for system

an organized array of individual elements and parts forming and working as a unit

a usually large entity composed of interconnected parts


the approach used to do something

Synonyms for system

(physical chemistry) a sample of matter in which substances in different phases are in equilibrium

a group of physiologically or anatomically related organs or parts

a procedure or process for obtaining an objective

the living body considered as made up of interdependent components forming a unified whole

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an ordered manner

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Majority of the cases sent for review were from lymphoreticular system (n=33), followed by gastrointestinal tract (n=27) and bones and soft tissue (n=21).
The prions responsible for vCJD accumulate and replicate within the lymphoreticular system of the individual prior to neuroinvasion (12).
For example, the lymphoreticular system, and the spleen in particular, has been implicated in the pathology of TSEs (59).
Prof DeArmond said: 'All I am trying to do is search for something that would get the protein into the lymphoreticular system, particularly into the tonsils, and certainly some irritation there, injury or inflammation, might have been one way that these 90-odd people were unlucky.
There is extensive coverage of cancer immunology, immunotherapy, immunopharmacology, and immunological aspects of transplantation, paraproteinemias, and the lymphoreticular system.