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roentgenographic examination of lymph nodes and lymph vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium

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Sensitivity of CT versus lymphography in demonstrating NHL is reported as 86% for CT and 100% for lymphography, with an overall accuracy of 82% and 91%, respectively.
The error rate obtained from the proposed method varies over a number of iterations of IRIS, Lymphography, WINE, Statlog (Heart), and PIMA are illustrated in Figures 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
Experimental lymph node metastases: enhanced detection with MR lymphography.
Variations in the canine thoracic duct system and the effects of surgical occlusion demostrated by rapid aqueous lymphography, using an intestinal lymphatic trunk.
7) Lymphography can detect only those lesions that communicate with the lymphatic system, and cystic lymphangiomas do not communicate.
Under the agreement terms, Terumo acquires the Japan sales rights to three contrast agents: Magnescope Syringe for MRI, Hexabrix 320 for urography and angiography, and Lipiodol Ultra-Fluide for lymphography and uterosalpingography.
of nodes 6 40 63 Algorithm performance estimate of the optimal 0,8% 45% 68% reduced dataset size reduced dataset size 3,8% 50% 74,67% Monk's problems Lymphography 3.
IMCOR Pharmaceutical is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing and marketing a platform of innovative imaging products including its current ultrasound contrast agent and PH-50, an investigational iodinated, nanoparticulate formulation under evaluation as a subcutaneous or intravenous agent for both cardiovascular imaging and lymphography
This acquisition radically changes our profile to that of an operating specialty pharmaceutical company with a product that is being marketed in addition to PH-50 and N1177, our cardiovascular imaging and lymphography products that are in earlier stages of development.
Among the 503 patients who had lymphography that combined blue dye and scintigraphy, SLN detection rate was 89.
It is an adjunct to lymphography in: primary and secondary lymphedema of the extremities; chyluria, chylous ascites or chylothorax; lymph node involvement by primary or secondary neoplasm; lymph node response to therapeutic modalities.
Gadofluorine 8: Initial experience with a new contrast medium for interstitial MR lymphography.