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inflammation of a lymph vessel

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74) This thickening is smooth and identical to that seen with interstitial pulmonary edema or lymphangitic spread of tumor.
Autopsy results supported the diagnosis of lymphangitic carcinomatosis with signet-ring cell morphology.
With the exception of lymphangitic scarring of the drum maker's arm, the illnesses in both patients resolved without sequelae.
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Similar to PLCH, lesional histiocytes in ECD can be located peribronchiolarly; however, overall, in ECD the histiocytes follow a lymphangitic distribution and are also found subpleurally, in interlobular septa, and perivascularly.
The most common cause of the linear pattern is hydrostatic pulmonary edema (Figure 1), but other etiologies include lymphangitic carcinomatosis (Figure 2), and atypical interstitial pneumonias such as those caused by mycoplasma, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus (CMV), and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).
5 C]) and cellulitis with lymphangitic spread proximate to the site of injury.
Surgical biopsies show fibrosis in a subpleural and lymphangitic distribution not characteristic of any of the other basic patterns of fibrosis.
In fewer than 10% of cases, localized lymphangitic spread is noted, with sporotrichoid lesions and lymphadenitis.
A, Confluent granulomas tracking along a bronchovascular bundle demonstrating lymphatic/ lymphangitic localization.
These lymphangitic infiltrates eventually coalesce into masses that can efface the lung parenchyma and form nodules or display a diffuse pattern (Figure 1, a).