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being five more than eighty

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E / en esse abril mismo, tomo Joan Yeneguez el dicho, de los moradores del varrio / de Sanicolas de Miranda, LXXXV entre puercos e puercas que valian mili / e CCC moravedis, en diziendo que lo tomava por cuatro capas plamplonesas que per/dieron los sos omnes en la feria de Miranda, cuando pelearon los de Bitoria con / los de Miranda, e embiaronle prometer fiadores el concejo de complir de / derecho, por fuero o por omnes bonos, e non gelos quiso recibir, f.
22) While Sinfield's assessment of Tennyson's growing understanding of the "cycled times" characterizes the poem's shift to consolation, the turn seems to me to have occurred already, and more explicitly, in the physiological sensation of the pulse in LXXXV, an effect which is transmitted to the readers via the repetitions, metrical and otherwise, of the poem.
LXXXV Vulva, vulva oscura, vulva testiculada, vulva delincuente, vulva carmesi, si, si .
23) Vicente Fox Quezada, "Version estenografica de las palabras del presidente Vicente Fox Quezada, durante la ceremonia que encabezo con motivo del LXXXV Aniversario de la Promulgacion de la Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, en el Patio de Honor del Palacio Nacional", Sistema Internet de la Presidencia, http:// www.
O Capitulo LXXXV descreve o quadro horrivel, desenhado pela doenca e pintado pela morte:
Al presidir la ceremonia del LXXXV aniversario de la Escuela Libre de Derecho, el jefe del Ejecutivo senalo la importancia de crear una cultura de apego a la ley, como condicion indispensable para aspirar a un desarrollo en lo economico, politico y social.
Surprisingly, even Fredson Bowers, instead of limiting himself to bibliography and the literature of the STC and 'Wing' periods in which he excelled, seemed to see himself as the friend of 'the socially involved individual', and, as reported in PMLA, in full Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, lxxxv (1970), 1118, said on receiving an honorary D.
The notion that traditional design could be related to modern architecture's widening vocabulary without resorting to pastiche was consistently explored through articles such as the Nautical Tradition (p59), the Bath Road (vol LXXXV, 1939, p229), Fully Licensed (celebrating the great English pub, p60), and eventually consolidated in The Functional Tradition (p66).
7)Geoffrey Parrinder, "Ethical Standards in World Religions", Expository Times, LXXXV, 1973, p.
Oh no, I never dealt with any of that (except, to a very limited degree, in my LXXXV, a piece I wrote for his eighty-fifth birthday in 1967).
LXXXV of 1976); the Election Commission Order, 2002 (Chief Executive's Order No.
3) Clark Hulse,`Spenser and the Myth of Power', Studies in Philology, lxxxv (1988), 378-89, at 387.
7) St John Chrysostom, however, in Johannem homilia LXXXV, commenting on John 19:29, gives an explanation which seems different: |having brought to him vinegar on a sponge, as men bring it to the condemned, thus they gave it to him to drink: since it is on this account that the hyssop is added' (The Oxford Translation, ed.