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being seven more than seventy

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46) Alice Zimmern, "Ladies Dwellings," Contemporary Review LXXVII (January, 1900), 97-104
According to the provisions of Law LXXVII of 1933, the government regards as one of the most basic human rights the right to a national, ethnic and linguistic identity, that is, the freedom to take oneself as belonging to one or other ethnic group.
M Kelly, "A Review of Works on Art Theory", The Art Bulletin, 1995, LXXVII (4): 690-5.
lxxvii + 1-223 pp, 2 plates, 3 figures; xxxiii + 224-643 pp.
The study is divided into four parts, the first ("Les Fondements de l'activite exegetique de Paracelse") and second one ("Approche de la theorie paracelsienne du langage") laying the complex theoretical groundwork for the discussion of Psalm LXXVII (78), the centerpiece showcasing Hohenheim's fundamental concepts (133).
For example, in his Regula pastoralis (PL LXXVII 26B), Gregory the Great uses the expression `decor membrorum' with reference to chastity, and his phrasing is repeated by Taio Caesaraugustinus in his Expositio veteris ac novae testamentarum (PL LXXX 838C), Symphorius Amalarius in his Forma institutionis canonicorum (PL CV 862C), Hrabanus Maurus in his Expositiones in Leviticum (PL CVIII 486D), Anon.
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La Guignarde responds with an equally long hypothesis on those that follow from loyaute: creinte (CB, LXXVI, 8), estrange pensement (CB, LXXVI, 20), social ineptitude (`tout nice lui semblerez': CB, LXXVII, 16): `Or regardez en quel lien / Se boute qui aime trop fort' (CB, LXXVIII, 7-8).
29) Kinney has called attention to how Skelton's description of Bilney and Arthur's |flyblown heresies' probably refers to Psalm LXXVII, in which the Psalmist asks for the judgement of God on the thankless Israelites.
Gregory illustrates God's attitude to mankind with a quotation from Psalm lXXVII.