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being six more than seventy

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Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Volume LXXVI, Part 1:117118.
104) Peter Loewenberg, "The Psychohistorical Origins of the Nazi Youth Cohort," American Historical Review, LXXVI (1971), 1457-1502; but see also Mann, "Perpetrators of Genocide," 341-42, who did not find such personal crises--including actual joblessness--very prevalent among his sample of Nazi killers.
And spider returns, more busily and explicit, in "Canto LXXVI.
The Convergence of Productivity; & Baumol, "Productivity Growth, Convergence and Welfare: What the Long Run Data Show," American Economic Review LXXVI (1986): 1072-1159.
Christianity could not be defended if it looked to its author for a systematic account of its pretensions arranged by the rules of logic" (Sermon LXXVI, 192).
LXXVI of his Proxeneta, vel De prudentia civili in Opera omnia.
10) AN, MC, LXXVI, 257, 21 March 1733, inventory of the estate of Catherine Fleury Demortain.
1) Allan Greer, "1837-38: Rebellion Reconsidered," Canadian Historical Review, LXXVI, 1 (March 1995), p.
La Guignarde responds with an equally long hypothesis on those that follow from loyaute: creinte (CB, LXXVI, 8), estrange pensement (CB, LXXVI, 20), social ineptitude (`tout nice lui semblerez': CB, LXXVII, 16): `Or regardez en quel lien / Se boute qui aime trop fort' (CB, LXXVIII, 7-8).
56) Peter Dronke drew a parallel between Nicholas of Guildford and Peter of Blois, suggesting that, where Peter apparently reproaches his namesake for frittering away his literary talents on `scurriles nugas' in Epistolae LXXVI and LXX-VII (PL, CCVII, cols 231-9), he was in fact addressing an imaginary alter ego (`Peter of Blois and poetry at the court of Henry II', Mediaeval Studies, 28 (1976), 191-235 (p.
36 For full text, see PL, LXXVI, cols 1114-18, 1118-25.
The clue to a proper understanding of the incident is to be found in chapter lxxvi of the Gran Cronica de Alfonso XI,(3) when the king decides to elevate Alvar Nunez to the rank of count:
lxxvi, the kidnapping is revealed as it appeared to Sigurdr of Westness and his men, with contributions by other eyewitnesses, such as Borgarr of Geitaberg.
De la predestinacion de Jesucristo", y el consejo del Arciprestc de Talavera "a los que deologos mucho fundados no son"', Archivum Franciscanum Historicum, LXXVI (1983), 239-95; this contains a Castilian translation of a treatise on some aspects of predestination found in Eiximenis' voluminous work Vita Cristi.