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being five more than seventy

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Ezra Pound (1991) incluyo (de un modo muy parecido a Martinez) la partitura de un arreglo para violin de esta obra junto a su Canto LXXV, y comentaba: "I think Janequin inherited from the troubadours the fine clear cut representation of natural sound, the exactitude of birds and flowers" (en Byron, 2002: 160).
Hill's poems, especially some of the later ones, can be criticized for being "too much moved by hate," as the poet's speaker says himself in section LXXV of The Triumph of Love (a section not included in the Selected Poems).
Mark Byron surveys the use of musical scores within literary modernism, oddly overlooking Ulysses (and that 'the violin line' from Jannequin is acknowledged, in Pound's Canto LXXV, as a twentieth-century arrangement might not be known to every reader: see p.
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La LXXV entrega del Oscar esta ensombrecida por la guerra contra Irak.
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