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being five more than seventy

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E, "Some Econometrics of Growth: Great Ratios of Economics," Quarterly Journal of Economics, LXXV, 2, 1961, 173-198.
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Dans le verset 18 de la sourate LXXV, Dieu assure: Et quand nous le lisons suis sa "lecture".
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Hill's poems, especially some of the later ones, can be criticized for being "too much moved by hate," as the poet's speaker says himself in section LXXV of The Triumph of Love (a section not included in the Selected Poems).
Mark), slypton (preterite plural of slepan 'sleep'; Psalm LXXV, 6) or scip (OE scep 'sheep'; Lindisfarne Gosp.
Per esempio, agli esordi dei Canti Orfici, con la presenza del corteo quale visione infernale, paragonato a un fiume (La Notte), che rinvia a L'irremediable e Spleen LXXV della raccolta Les Fleurs du mal.
lxxv, after Sveinn Asleifarson's kidnapping of Jarl Pall, we are told that Sveinn returned to Orkney, while Pall remained in Scotland: 'Ok er petta frasogn Sveins um penna atburb' ('And this is what Sveinn said about this event').
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