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being four more than seventy

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O que se mostra como flagrante violacao do Estado Democratico de Direito e dos Direitos Fundamentais de inafastabilidade do Poder Judiciario, contraditorio e ampla defesa e assistencia juridica gratuita, positivados no artigo 5, incisos XXXV, LV e LXXIV, respectivamente, da Constituicao de 1988.
Japan, and Italy with the two Noh plays mentioned in Canto LXXIV, suggesting that the values of Fenollosa's ancient, artistic Japan would be useful to modern cultures and are still available to them through Noh drama much in the way that Pound himself draws on these values by alluding to Kagekiyo and Kumasaka in Canto LXXIV.
La presente resena fue primeramente publicada en el Boletin de la Academia Chilena de la Historia, LXXIV, 117, julio-diciembre de 2008.
los textos lxxiv y cxxxix de los Pensees (de acuerdo con la edicion de Leon Brunschvicg), viene a consistir en la exasperada pretension de escapar de la confrontacion consigo mismo, la cual impele al hombre al reconocimiento de su fragilidad, su dereliccion y su mortalidad.
39 4 103/4 279 Gorpiaios 15 |Yavana| FUSSMAN 1974 5 124/5 172 Gorpaios |Azes| FUSSMAN 1985; embolimos 8 |current paper| 6 137/8 11 Daisios 28 Kaniska KONOW 1929: LXXIV 7 138/9 12 Audnaios 5 |Kaniska| SALOMON 2003 8 144/5 18 Artemisios 10 Kaniska KONOW 1929: LXXIV 9 146/7 20 Audnaios 20 Kaniska KONOW 1929: LXXX 10 146/7 20 Oloios 30 |Kaniska| FALK 2003 11 154/5 28 Apellaios 10 Kaniska KONOW 1929: LXXIX 12 154/5 28 Gorpiaios 1 Kaniska KONOW 1931/2 13 165/6 39 Audnaios 13 |Kaniska| SALOMON 1981 14 177/8 51 Artemisios 15 Kaniska KONOW 1929: LXXXVI
LXXIV, Seventy-Third Congress, Special Session from March 4, 1933 to March 6, 1933, 3-7.
Clonmore, The Lord, London, Morecambe & elSewhere, AR, vol LXXIV, September 1933, pp 93-99.
1965), "The Inference to the Best Explanation", en The Philosophical Review LXXIV, No 1 , pp.
I remembered plenty of bugs from The Pisan Cantos, and sure enough, spider appears in the very first one, "Canto LXXIV.
The Review of Economics and Statistics, LXXIV, 4, 1992, pp.
These innovations astounded the learned scholars of the time, who struggled with even the simplest calculations (how much is LXXIV plus CXIX?
La Cuarteta LXXIV de la Centuria VI predice: "El dueno rojo va a reinar en el norte, derramara la sangre de medio mundo y su reino durara 3 anos, 7 meses, 5 dias".
Sonnet LXXIV appeals simultaneously to two distinct audiences: to the disinterested reader, this poem offers itself as a "ready-made," ideal for consumption within the terms of postmodernism, but undisciplined and probably not very good.