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being six more than fifty


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The USTERA(r) LVI 940 introduces even more novelties, connecting the other LVIA(r) instruments through a new software package with expanded reports, new diagnostics, calibration and data storage.
If LVI occurred, cancer cells may be transported to distant organ or LN along a blood vessel or lymphangion.
MIBC, in the presence of LVI, or micropapillary/plasmacytoid/sarcomatoid variants, or in the presence of prostatic stromal invasion (T4a) was considered high-risk (MIBC-HR).
A retrospective, multi-institutional review was performed to identify cases of testicular germ cell tumors that contained LVI within the spermatic cord without soft tissue invasion of the cord (n = 44).
Operasyon sonrasi evre yukselmesini ongordurucu olan preklinik degiskenler olarak hidroureteronefroz, klinik T3a/4a hastalik, LVI varligi, TUR'de mikropapiller ve noroendokrin varyant histolojiye sahip olmak olarak saptanmistir.
9 reported an association between tumor grade, stage and LVI with nodal status.
For example, BEES empathy scores were positively correlated with LVI concern for others; LVI spirituality scores and LMS mindfulness were positively correlated with each other and with Mysticism, MEQ, BEES, and LVI concern for others, creativity and environmental concern; and the DASS scales were all intercorrelated as usual (e.
LVI was correlated with lymph node metastases in each individual case.
LVI solo publico articulos de opinion en septiembre de 2005 (cinco, tras el caso Ludmila), en marzo de 2006 (ocho, en el momento del debate parlamentario) y en abril de 2006 (uno, luego de haber sido sancionada la Ley).
ITALIAN PM Si lvi o Berlusconi had sex with several hookers, prosecutors alleged yesterday.
STAND-ALONE GUIDER PLUS The new LVI SmartGuider 2 Imaging Control System ($569) offers affordable relief for those doing long-exposure DSLR astrophotography but who prefer not to use a computer at the telescope.
Ha sido asesor de la LV Legislatura de la Camara de Diputados federal y de la LVI Legislatura en el Senado de la Republica.
WORCESTER - DS Graphics of Lowell and LVI Print Optimization, formerly known as LaVigne Inc.
LVI Services is replacing the John Gait Corporation, which was fired following an blaze at the building last August that killed two firefighters.