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a liner equipped for sumptuous living

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McCoy is a world-class collector of furniture, furnishings, and memorabilia from the 1930s luxury liner Queen Mary.
Operator Crystal Cruise Line is a subsidiary of Japanese shipping giant NYK, whose Port of Liverpool office offered fine views of the luxury liner while berthed at the Cruise Terminal.
Harpist Glenda Clwyd impressed residents on board luxury liner The World
How the Titanic Mill was named after the ill-fated luxury liner, whose band leader was one time Huddersfield Philharmonic musician Wallace Hartley, and the practice of selling the interior fittings of similar liners when they were eventually scrapped in the 1930s.
But the luxury liner continued its jour-neand made stop-offs at Malaga and Gibraltar, in Southern Spain, and Casablanca, Morocco.
Two weeks ago a UK newspaper claimed that the luxury liner would make an "astonishing return" to the UK.
The luxury liner was paying a farewell visit before being decomissioned and turned into a luxury hotel in Dubai.
Mr Jones wrote a note on the day the luxury liner set sail from Southampton to his friend James Foot, a Dorset farmer from whom he had bought the sheep.
Among the self-penned songs here, you'll find unlikely covers of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams, Johnny Cash classic I Still Miss Someone and Gram Parsons' Luxury Liner.
S Yorktown, the luxury liner Lusitania and ancient Roman shipwrecks dating to the fourth century A.
INVESTIGATIONS into the death of a crewman aboard the luxury liner Queen Mary 2 were continuing yesterday.
Then this idyllic holiday is assaulted by a psychopath whose plan is to send the luxury liner and all aboard her to the bottom of the sea.
This is the road equivalent of a luxury liner - big enough to ferry a king-sized family, swift enough to break the odd record and comfortable enough to make it feel like you're floating.
Set in the 1920s, ``Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'' tells the story of fun-loving gold-digger Lee and her cruise aboard a luxury liner to Paris with her friend Dorothy Shaw.
It is the year 2003, a luxury liner Emerald Dolphin is suddenly engulfed in flames and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.