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Synonyms for luxury

Synonyms for luxury

something costly and unnecessary

Synonyms for luxury

something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity

the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive

wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living

References in classic literature ?
Ought not every refinement of luxury to be reserved for him?
Luxury properly belongs to the boudoir and the guest-chamber, to great houses and chateaux.
The much awaited spectacular second edition of The Luxury 100, Signature magazine's annual luxury list and awards, is all set to take place in December.
When mall developer Phoenix Mills Co set up the Palladium Mall in 2010, the intention clearly was to position it as a luxury mall.
as the confetti flew, the first edition of The Luxury 100, Signature magazine's annual luxury list and awards, ushered in a new era for the luxury market in Oman.
The brochure features Luxury Travel's wide array of unique experiential programs, ranging from luxury to adventure and MICE, to suit different travel styles and preferences.
Luxury consumers, spending on experiences including travel, dining, entertainment, spas and beauty services and home services, nearly doubled, from an average of $11,632 in 2004 to $22,746 in 2005 (a 95.
As we enter the new year, the Manhattan luxury residential market continues on a strong path that could eclipse the previous year, according to the Stribling & Associates Private Brokerage Luxury Residential Report 2005.
We're stretching more into the premium mid-size and even into the entry-level luxury market,'' he said.
280F(a) limits the depreciation allowable on luxury automobiles to standard inflation-adjusted amounts prescribed by the IRS.
They describe the metamorphosis of coffee and sugar from luxury exotic goods, to medicinal products (prescribed as necessities), to common staples (in the form of cafe au lait) by the end of the eighteenth century.
Although it has a puritanical edge, Luxury Fever is not a moralizing In fact, Frank's use of the word "luxury" suggests an indulgence he doesn't intend.
The LS400 and Q45 went substantially up-market to deliver world-class technology, performance and luxury and gained the top position in owner satisfaction in the annual J.
Luxury Retail Management is your gold-plated ticket to the glamorous world of luxury retail.
165 Million of Senior Mortgage Financing--Three Luxury Resort Projects--Carlton, as advisor to a luxury resort spa owner and operator, is arranging senior mortgage financing for three luxury resort projects.