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wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living

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by ONA Since the beginning of dawn of the modern Renaissance on this beloved nation, springs of goodness and graces erupted over Oman, resulting in big luxuriousness green field.
The Muse is set in summer both in London and Spain and there's a heat to it, a luxuriousness and, in a different way, a sort of sensuality.
But the luxuriousness of the quarto also adversely affected Wordsworth's poetic reputation as a man "meek, sentimental, sympathetic and all-benevolent" and driven by "his love of simplicity and abhorrence of ostentation.
At the core of the fragrance lies the refreshing sweetness of raspberry, the delicate femininity of orange flower, the hypnotic charm of tuberose and the exotic luxuriousness of jasmine.
In keeping with the luxuriousness of the palace, the per fume was priced at 550 [euro].
The building is a tour de force, everything done with a depth of luxuriousness and intelligence.
6) Initially, James Brooke seems to have considered the luxuriousness of the forests to have indicated the area's agricultural potential.
The book has been in gestation for 20 years, and the result is an epic of architectural history, produced with an unwieldy luxuriousness notable even for Yale University Press.
For some products, managers simply need to do a better job of leveraging luxuriousness.
The Lydgatian strand of reception had also cast Chaucer's pure vernacular as a language of stylistic luxuriousness, distinguished for its polysyllabic Latinisms, its highly wrought conceits and its scholarly sophistication.
It is sure that these motor homes will help develop the growth of tourism in the region due to its luxuriousness and the need of these services for tourism in the near future," Abdel Daem said.
Woven on Jacquard Wilton looms in a combination of wool and cotton chenille, it has a plush feel underfoot, providing an element of luxuriousness.
The retro Only Fools look isn't the only one luring the nation as the luxuriousness of Downton's Highclere Castle has caught our eyes.
In answer to my question, the luxuriousness of this open-fronted stone hut in the bush certainly exceeded my expectations.
Onetime visitors to the Holiday Inn remember its luxuriousness and its spectacular cinema.