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in a rich manner


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I never thought I should like to wash dishes, but I do," said Rose, as she sat in a boat after supper lazily rinsing plates in the sea, and rocking luxuriously as she wiped them.
Joe made no answer, but stretched himself out luxuriously on his heap of quartz.
Denisov, who was living luxuriously because the soldiers of his squadron liked him, had also a board in the roof at the farther end, with a piece of (broken but mended) glass in it for a window.
Her large mouth opened luxuriously in a long-continued yawn.
The change to this warm and cheerful place of shelter from the chilly and misty solitude of the moor is so luxuriously delightful that I am quite content, for the first few minutes, to stretch myself on a bed, in lazy enjoyment of my new position; without caring to inquire into whose house we have intruded; without even wondering at the strange absence of master, mistress, or member of the family to welcome our arrival under their hospitable roof.
The pleasantest was to dine luxuriously at some expensive restaurant; and then, after declaring insolvency, be handed over quietly and without uproar to a policeman.
just ahead, her aunt's black silk skirt rustled luxuriously.
The high-backed, luxuriously upholstered seat of brown leather gave her a sense of great comfort; yet even greater, it seemed to her, was the nearness and comfort of the man himself and of his body.
Laurie lay luxuriously swinging to and fro in his hammock one warm September afternoon, wondering what his neighbors were about, but too lazy to go and find out.
But as the video shows, they'll keep living life the way they want to, luxuriously and spontaneously.
Luxuriously appointed, designer equipment package and spacious floor plan.
Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich have their pleasantly understated but decidedly stylish, luxuriously fitted and--as far as this property gossip is concerned--pretty-darn-perfect pond-front cottage in the Hamptons up for sale with a not especially modest $3.
The Aberdeen smokehouse's premium-take on the 1980s dinner party favourite combines luxuriously rich and creamy prawn cocktail sauce with juicy North Atlantic Prawns.
99 SHAGGY RUG Keep your tootsies warm as toast with this luxuriously deep pile rug in cream, brown or beige.