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Synonyms for luxuriant

Synonyms for luxuriant

growing profusely

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

characterized by extravagant, ostentatious magnificence

Synonyms for luxuriant

marked by complexity and richness of detail


Related Words

displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses

produced or growing in extreme abundance

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Armstrong said designers will continue to help with each garden's upkeep, replacing plants as they die and celebrating those that grow lush and luxuriant.
Framed by the network of splayed cables is the skyline of the museum beyond, a series of angular glass roofs and skylights rising ethereally above the luxuriant landscape.
Wilson's "I Cut My Hair" series, 1992-93, is composed of disembodied luxuriant manes.
The square is linked to a lower terrace by an enclosure of bamboo shoots that form a luxuriant, protective rampart.
Perhaps most important in Mueller's transit toward the immaterial is the luxuriant otherworldliness of his color.
The chances of any other place in the world being able to brew up the tantalizing elixir served up to all in Los Angeles - enviable weather, interesting population mix, luxuriant landscaping, cultural places and happenings, and a fast-paced atmosphere - are as slim as finding Saddam Hussein's footprints in the concrete outside Mann's Chinese Theatre.
The satellites are perhaps the most interesting parts of the complex, each on three levels (arrivals, departures and services), and arranged so that the four arms spin out from a hollow hub, a glazed inverted cone in the middle of which is to be a luxuriant tropical garden.
A lot of it was hot air, to be sure, but dipped in honey-coated cinematography, ``The Godfather'' brought a certain legitimacy and a luxuriant quality to an otherwise low-brow, rat-a-tat-tat film form.
Spreading out from the site are quiet leafy streets lined by handsome stuccoed terraces and luxuriant gardens, but towards the heavy traffic of Cromwell Road, the stateliness begins to break up and looming overhead are monoliths of an international hotel and interwar block of flats.
Like Michael Ondaatje, another poet turned novelist, Michaels has a luxuriant but self-conscious style, a gift for the sleight-of-hand metaphor and the glittering, symbolic image.
But the moments that remain most clearly in the memory are smaller and more tender: the lyrical flights of colour in the concourses, the internal bridges in the design school, the cafeterias among the luxuriant tropical vegetation.
After the 1980s - dominated by everything from wide-shouldered power suits to luxuriant party power - things have calmed down somewhat, though the ideal ``look'' is still in flux for the turn of the millennium.
As yet, the planting has not grown to its full extent, but it is easy to see that the place will be splendidly luxuriant and a pleasure to be in and look onto.
The animal, about 100 pounds of coiled sinew and muscle, seized the smallest child, a 4-year-old boy named Anand Kumar, and carried him by the neck into the luxuriant stands of corn and elephant grass that stretch to a nearby riverbank.