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the property of being lush and abundant and a pleasure to the senses

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One was all luxuriance and love of the language--indulging it, encouraging it, goosing it.
She relates that "when I reached the islands my sight was as clear as my skin; all that tropical luxuriance snatched me to itself at once, recognized me for kith and kin" (46).
Rebecca is associated throughout with the white azaleas of Happy Valley, the "blood-red and luscious" rhododendrons which stand outside the window of the morning room, and all the luxuriance of growth which characterizes the setting of Manderley.
An obscure sophistication began to creep into the art; they were painting things he only dimly sensed, but with time he was starting to see a richness, a luxuriance of meaning there that merged with the photos, never far from his mind, in the mission's files of the Haitian dead.
It is erring on the best side--the side of luxuriance.
The vine, in all its elegant luxuriance, is not more graceful than were the clusters of rich brown hair which sported round her brow.
The streets are wide and tree-lined, bougainvillaea cascades down the walls of beautiful old colonial Spanish houses and children splash in the fountains of the town's parks, which must rival Kew Gardens for the variety and luxuriance of their trees and plants.
Spring Air's Luxuriance collection is covered in imported hand-crafted damask by Belium-based Bekaert, with colors such as slate blue and muted gray that stand out against an ivory background.
The contradiction here between the avowals of disinterest and the luxuriance of Tom's summer and fall "feeling that I had found everything, instead of having lost everything" (p.
The gilded ornaments, the dragons and enamelled tiles have all sadly disappeared, but the Pagoda, a masterpiece of bricklaying and carpentry, still survives -- a reminder of the inspiration of the rich luxuriance of the East which, as one commentator declared, |conveys the most pleasing sensations to us shivering islanders'.
As a result, while Tommo's experience of the simplicity and luxuriance of Typee culture generates scathing indictments of Western attempts to civilize them, the cultural presuppositions he brings to this peep at Polynesian life prevent him from becoming thoroughly sympathetic.
His style ranges from the fresh luxuriance of such works as Comus to the force and masculinity of his great sonnets to the sonority and lofty eloquence of Paradise Lost.
The opening of the famed Hytel Costes in 1996 was the coming out of the Garcia-style in all its luxuriance.
its tendrils have curled round the sullen cylinder by mere luxuriance of theirs" (15:135).
Although De Keersn-iaeker's work requires insanely disciplined repetition (the dancers' concentration can't slip for a nanosecond), there is always a sense of flirtation and sly luxuriance in her performance of this mathematically demanding work.