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a craftsman who makes stringed instruments (as lutes or guitars or violins)

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The animators at Pixar, the studio behind the film, based Miguel's guitar on a real-life version made by an artisan from Paracho -- and demand for replicas now has the town's luthiers working in overdrive.
First, he travels to Cremona, Italy, to meet with professional luthier Roberto Cavagnoli, who has been tasked by Klein with fashioning an exact replica of the ASO's cello with wood sourced from a snowbound forest favoured by Guadagnini himself.
To help with both goals, I have a graduate luthier working with me, Tommy Ziegenspeck, who worked as an intern with me for four months in 2014.
That's what I wondered as I started reading Eric Peterson's profile on Rich Sharpies, a self-taught luthier --or maker of stringed instruments, I learned--who has had a hand in crafting thousands of high-end banjos during his 27 years with OME Banjos in Boulder.
Synopsis: Until his death in 1982, Edmonton luthier and composer Frank Gay built guitars for several famous musicians, including country stars including Johnny Cash, Don Gibson, Webb Pierce, and Hank Snow.
Gay (1920-82) was a musician and luthier in Edmonton, Alberta, and was also a friend of the author's parents and frequent visitor at the house.
He subsequently found work as a labourer, lumberjack, plant operative and (almost perversely) as a luthier.
I'll single out just a couple of lasting value: The Great War (Walker) is a fine collection of eleven stories ignited by objects in the Imperial War Museum, and it's illustrated by Jim Kay, shortlisted for the Kate Greenway award; and Hugh Lupton and Sam Sweeney's Made in the Great War (Rootbeat CD B00LIIMNGC), is a moving true story with lyrics and fiddle accompaniment about a violin left half-finished by a young luthier Richard Spencer Howard when he went away to war .
Our luthier does string instrument repair and we have woodwind technicians who specialize in flute, clarinet, saxophone and double reeds, and brass technicians specializing in trumpet, horn and trombone work.
Cet evenement, qui coincide avec les vacances scolaires, a ete marque par un afflux de visiteurs vers l'exposition des differents produits des metiers traditionnels et du genie des jeunes des differentes wilayas participantes, principalement la poterie, la tapisserie, la broderie, la tannerie, la dinanderie et autres produits de cuivre et d'orfevrerie, des produits de luthier et l'art culinaire.
Lebecq had been my luthier for as long as I could remember.
A luthier is a person who makes and repairs stringed instruments.
Gordon famously uses guitars made by local luthier Rob Armstrong, so Coventry is no stranger to him.
The first major UK show devoted to the instruments of Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari, the finely crafted violins and cellos on display date mainly from his golden period of 1700-20 (see Collectors' Focus, pp.
The owner of four guitars, Coen often plays a custom acoustic- electric hybrid that was made and given to her by Eugene luthier Don Greenough.