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a substance for packing a joint or coating a porous surface to make it impervious to gas or liquid


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chordophone consisting of a plucked instrument having a pear-shaped body, a usually bent neck, and a fretted fingerboard

References in classic literature ?
Lute flashed out of her saddle, and her arms were about him in an embrace of thankfulness.
I feel like a book of verse and a hammock, after all that has happened," Lute said, as they rode into camp.
We talked about the early-morning earthquake, which had awoken her as well, and Lute said, "What earthquake?
Loutna ceska/Czech Lute is considered the best-known early example of Czech Baroque music, a collection of songs dating back to 1653.
Now And Then busked outside the Augustus John pub on the University Campus one day when Will fell madly in love with a passing willowy blonde lecturer named Magda, and one day he accosted her and performed a lute song he had written about her called Blonde Sunshine.
And obviously this is a volume for lutenists: the music is in French lute tablature with no effort to transcribe anything into modern notation.
If the noise did not stop, Lute said, the US could reveal its findings publicly.
Au carrefour des civilisations, le Royaume dispose de tous les atouts pour jouer un role phare dans la gestion et le reglement des affaires internationales, a affirme Mme Lute, egalement ancienne secretaire adjointe au Departement de la Securite interieure, dans une declaration a la MAP en marge des travaux de de la 3eme edition du forum "Atlantic dialogues", organise sous le Haut Patronage de SM le Roi Mohammed VI.
During the Early Music Festival Utrecht 2013, the theme of 'The Lute in the Golden Age' will be explored by means of concerts and various other activities.
Among the singers, Abdullah Al Ghafri, a member of lute association, sung the sweet and spellbinding songs like Soht Wagda and Magadeer accompanied with lute played by Mohammed Al Bara'mi.
According to Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) sources, Nirupama Rao and Deputy Secretary Lute noted that working together to address the shared challenge of terrorism was a strategic priority for the two nations.
A CD featuring Robin Thodey, from Durham City, playing the lute is being played at events promoted by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust at Stratford-upon-Avon.
Nigel North, one of the world''s leading practitioners and teachers of lute music, will give a Sage Gateshead recital in Hall Two next Tuesday, October 26, as well as a masterclass for students of the lute and observers in the Sage''s Music Education Centre the following day from 10am-12.
Arab applicants for the lute contest the lute are required to include in their projects a composition, "Longa Hijaz Kar Kordi" by the late Tunisian lute virtuoso, Ahmed Kalai.
Forced to flee, Lute must trust some strange allies--who have not always been on the right side of the law.