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Synonyms for lustrous

Synonyms for lustrous

having a high, radiant sheen

giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts

Synonyms for lustrous

made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing


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reflecting light

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The Aidan O'Brien, inset, trained COCKATOO ISLAND, the mount of Donnacha O'Brien today, finished three lengths back in fourth spot and, while the Ballydoyle colt is sure to improve significantly, so too should the selection Lustrous Light.
This mile-and-a-quarter trip might be on the sharp side for her, but Lustrous loves fast ground and has the quality to overcome a lengthy absence.
Lustrous, bladed, translucent orange-pink barite crystals form parallel groups and "crests" reaching 25 cm; yellow fluorite crystals are associated, and there are golden dustings of microcrystals of chalcopyrite.
Against the darkened world of hate, Truth's light -- these lustrous Pearls of Gaza.
Long, glossy and lustrous, Lash Stiletto lashes are the answer to the No.
Merck Patent has received a patent for lustrous black interference pigments comprised of a mixture of different substrates having a coating of [Fe.
The lustrous wares of late bronze age Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean; proceedings.
Summary: Luxury Swiss watchmaker, Baume & Mercier announced the Middle East launch of the Riviera watch, featuring 44-shimmering round-cut diamonds adorning the lustrous polished steel bezel.
The Coral Browne story; theatrical life and times of a lustrous Australian by Barbara Angell, published by Angell Productions.
2) Zinc blende, a lustrous black or brown crystalline zinc sulphide;
Will he revert to natural or rely on highlights to add a lustrous tint?
Sure, I've been literally blinded by my own vanity, in both eyes--but my hair is positively lustrous.
Over her lifetime, she produced an interesting body of work, most notably her lustrous vessels.
Both companies mine gold and other precious metals and both produced lustrous stock performances.
Located at Fifth Avenue and 65th Street, the soaring, clear-span Sanctuary of Temple Emanu-El rises to a height of six stories, embraces a floor area of more than 11,000 s/f (enough to accommodate some 2,500 worshippers) and is everywhere characterized by its gorgeous and expertly wrought decoration: from the mosaic tiles of the pillared Ark (which evokes the form of an open Torah scroll) to the lustrous, richly colored Wheel Window (designed by Oliver Smith).