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Synonyms for lustrate

to free from sin, guilt, or defilement

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purify by means of a ritual

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These claims help depict certain individuals as betraying the nation to a foreign power and make them easier to lustrate.
Drawing on Edelman's theory of symbolic uses of politics (1964), the efforts to lustrate officials formerly linked to the communist secret services after 2006 play two important symbolic functions: firstly, the function of social adjustment, necessary on the political scene and in political discourses for bringing closer those with similar political opinion; secondly, the so-called function of the "externalization" of unsolved problems, intended to remove attention from unsuccessful reforms, economic drawbacks etc.
The largest rituals were buntang house group rituals in which the members of a lou gathered to lustrate the ancestral skulls and other sacra stored in their house with blood from sacrificed animals, and make appeals for a good life to the protecting spirits (pengiring).
Lustration, let alone decommunization, was declared to be abominable: we have all been tainted, so how could we lustrate ourselves?
553-4 uires pro corpore, corpus|grande, 669 pagus agat festum; pagum lustrate, coloni; 2.
The new members of the lustration commission will have to lustrate themselves and also check some 20,000 other files from the archives and depots.
Following this incident, it becomes rather debatable whether these officials have credibility to lustrate.
Therefore, the Commission needs to carry on with the lustration and lustrate officials after the period of 1991.
It's not a responsibility to lustrate non-governmental organizations, political parties, religious communities, media or broadcasting companies," Boneva said.